The Place for Dynamic Analysis

Dynamic Forecasting is an independent consultancy focused on dynamic analysis of firm strategy and market behavior. Our expertise lies in the field of System Dynamics, and we use dynamic models to explore a firm's interaction with the market place and/or a market's future trajectory.

We offer consulting and modeling services to firms and individuals wishing to explore the dynamic nature of their strategic choices or the markets they interact with.

Additionally, we sell a dynamic analysis of the US natural gas market in a newsletter format. This analysis is based upon dynamic models of the US natural gas market that we have developed and maintain. The objective of this work is to explore how prices may evolve in the context of the investment cycle; what many refer to as the "commodity cycle".

Keith Eubanks

Mr. Eubanks founded Dynamic Forecasting in 2005. Prior to this he spent 11 years consulting for Pugh-Roberts Associates of Cambridge, Massachusetts, prior to which he studied System Dynamics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.